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Censorship ? What censorship?

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

We’ve officially crossed the threshold into Brave New World/ 1984 territory. The writing is on the wall: if you once believed the news as I did -- if you aren't questioning the things you read from “approved” sources, you haven’t been paying attention.

Yes, these people do exist… I see them on my personal Facebook feed, and know how there are still a good number of souls still content to take the blue pill of comfort and willful ignorance… but the cognitive dissonance is getting to become such a degree that they’re about to hit the wall… they just don’t know it yet.

The information is building behind a wall that is built by big tech -- to protect people like my friends who haven’t been exposed and “infected” by these “problematic” ideas.

One example of this most recently (of which there are many … and growing) is the story by Project Veritas. For those not familiar, Project Veritas is an investigatory outlet founded and run by James O’Keefe, who coordinates hidden camera exposes which fall outside the rubric of what mainstream media is curious about -- meaning these stories show things which are supposed to remain hidden or at least not be recognized as a “real” problem.

The story which I am referring to is about Richard Hopkins, a postal worker in Erie, Pennsylvania. His claim is that he witnessed voter fraud in the United States postal service regarding the handling of ballots, he is on the record stating that he had two supervisors who were changing dates on ballots so that they would be compliant with the election laws even though they had come in after the deadline for the votes to be cast.

Needless to say this caused an explosion of activity and after a 4-Hour interview with federal inspectors Mr Hopkins was said to have "recanted" his story by such mainstream information outlets as the Washington Post. Interestingly the very next day following release of this story by The Washington Post, Mr Hopkins himself denied ever having recanted anything, and as of this moment which is at least 24 hours after the first story, The Washington Post has not updated or edited the story in any way. What's particularly egregious about this is the fact that there are people who utilize The Washington Post as a verifiable news source.

This is a mistake.

What's more is the actual video of Mr Hopkins denying his recantation is unable to be shared on Facebook. This is where I would say the majority of the problem comes from because there's no way to correct the record in any easy way. Simply showing the video would enlighten at least a few people but it appears that that is not what the people at Facebook want to have happen.

No one is allowed to fact check the fact checkers and this is what's leading to this massive and blatant categorization of facts that might be in dispute as being false or untrue, this is the new climate in which the politics of the day are fomenting unrest without an actual accounting of information from both sides of an issue.

Big tech, meaning Google Facebook Twitter and all the rest are more to blame than they would like to admit, and listening to the inimitable Jack Dorsey's testimony on Capitol Hill only proves my point. He seems completely disconnected from what is actually being done at his own company or is just simply apathetic to it, since it serves his purposes politically. In other words it's easy to tell that he is not sympathetic to much in the way of conservatism or its ideas.

Let's be clear Jack Dorsey is by no means an obtuse individual, but he surely seemed that way when he was being cross-examined by Ted Cruz. I can't say exactly why this would be, but my inclination would be that on some level he simply doesn't like Ted Cruz and doesn't feel he needs to justify anything simply because he is part of the "other" faction, maybr not exactly an enemy but definitely an adversary whose opinion doesn't matter all that much.

The ends justify the means after all.

This one story about Mr Hopkins is simply one story, but taken in context with all the rest of the editorializing of Twitter posts that are problematic from a leftist perspective one begins to see the Mosaic revealing itself and it's not a pretty picture.

For years the self declared fact checkers ignored that there were no facts backing up Russian collusion, the Ukrainian phone call, Stormy Daniels allegations and countless other nonsensical word salads that were designed to take down a sitting president. These unfounded allegations were all encouraged, propagated, and put forth as truth - even including the very top shelf of legacy Media, including the New York Times, The Washington Post and all the rest.

Some people actually got Pulitzer prizes for stories that have been completely and utterly discredited.

This lack of diligence and journalistic professionalism shows exactly where legacy Media has its priorities today.

The days of the fact checkers who have now decided what is truth and what is false according to their partisan ideology has reached full swing.

Is this good? Is this where we as a country want America to be?

I feel I can safely say no.

Real Americans reject such notions, and let me clarify that by "real" I mean the Americans who believe in the founding principles of this country enshrined in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States of America. There is a large and growing movement who despise the Bill of Rights and the founding of this country which is where the foundational problem comes from. When a substantial faction regard the rights of speech as a hindrance to their aims and problematic in and of itself, while the other half simply wants to recognize the rights guaranteed as they were written in the text, you simply cannot extract "E Pluribus Unum" because it's self contradictory in such an environment.

A paradox.

The simple solution in this, is the same as in most things: Education.

Educate everyone you can, show them the bias, highlight the truth. This is the only way that the country has any chance of being restored to it's founding principles & good can prevail.

It's a long road ahead.

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