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Voter Fraud: It's a Thing

So here we are, in November 19th 2020 and we have allegations flying around about rampant voter fraud in many states and in many counties. It looks like some of the allegations are true if not all.

  • We've got a lack of access to ballot counts by Republicans in Democrat districts which should be unacceptable.

  • We've got a software system that appears to be compromised that's being used in 30 some odd States. It was designed in Venezuela for the express purpose of falsifying the election to give Hugo Chavez the win. Obviously it didn't go by the same name that it does now which is Dominion but the bones of the program created by a company called smartmatic is essentially what allowed the votes to be redistributed for fake wins.

  • At least one county has on record physical keys that were stolen in the month prior to the election this would allow access to the physical terminals to be able to use it as a Windows system allowing votes to be changed or data to be compromised not to mention the fact that the flash drives in and of themselves are potentially fraught with a lack of accountability. None of this is being reported on any of the major networks except as a footnote to try to cram through a Biden presidency.

The lack of curiosity is palpable and it's just another testament to the situation we're in today and why we're in it if only media would do the bare minimum of its job instead of just being propaganda they might fulfill some sort of actual function and not be viewed as the obtuse talking heads that they are.

The truth should matter and hopefully all of this will at least air out some of the dirty laundry of our election systems which is really in such a state of disrepair that we should all be ashamed of ourselves.

It would probably help if Rudy Giuliani stuck strictly to facts but he does have a tendency to muddy the waters which may be the intent. If this is strictly something to foment distrust in our election system in an effort to somehow cling to a trump presidency without any hard evidence I don't know how far this is going to go and it really doesn't seem to be helping Trump's own base I don't believe Trump lost the election having seen the crowds and the excitement behind him the approval ratings within the Republican party or as high as could possibly be the fact that all these Republican races were one handily seems only more proof of that. Statistical anomalies point to voter fraud or at least irregularity with the ballots and they're handling consistency would have been nice but here we are. Trump should have dealt with this early on in his presidency, this should have been a consideration that he had from the very start which I know he did but he never addressed it, probably thinking that he didn't need to, thinking that it wasn't as bad as it was.

Donald Trump doesn't see himself as polarizing as he is, and I don't mean that as a negative, in these times we need some polarization:

America needs this clarity.

Unfortunately with that clarity comes the downside: the rallying of the adversary.

The left lost its collective mind in 2016 and they are, in fact, willing to do, and go to any lengths to make sure that never happens again -- hence all the fraud and deceptive counting techniques that they could muster.

The rule changes were just icing on the cake and unfortunately these are in places where there's a strong foothold of judicial activists whole seem hell-bent on maintaining this lack of accountability.

We still have a ways to go, stay tuned.

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