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Has Hollywood lost its collective mind?

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Short answer: Yup

Watch any award show and you'll be rewarded with a mesmerizing 3-hour lecture on whatever happens to be the world ending, left-wing talking point of the day. For the last 4 years it's been all Trump all the time, so you can always count on the mantra of kids in cages being trotted out, or the issue of women's rights and the "war on women."

The fight is real, or so they say, as we are held captive to watch these people drone on and on about things that they themselves really can't comprehend in any kind of meaningful way. The elite privileged few continue to act as if continually lecturing all of middle America and fly over country on how terrible they are, while fists are thrown in the air for a self-congratulating Hollywood that seems to have all the answers, if only the rest of the country could get itself together as well as Hollywood has.

It's laughable to consider when you look at all the problems that have emanated from the west coast entertainment industry (being a part of this industry by the way, is all it takes to make these people our moral betters apparently, as most of them have dropped out without finishing high school though most have honorary degrees from various colleges they gave speeches at) brought to light with the Weinstein trial and #metoo allegations spreading like wildfire through almost every budding actors'/actresses' dressing room… to say nothing of the rampant drug use, alcoholism, anorexia, body dysmorphia, plastic surgery obsession, and overall narcissistic superficiality with all the tropes that come along with living on the other coast.

Methinks perhaps a little humility might be in order, but I seriously doubt that THAT will ever manifest itself. Like.. ever.

Now Hollywood has become a magnet for people who believe that they know best, or at least they feel they do which is more important than knowing anything, obviously…

Dunning Kruger effect anyone?

One of the more memorable moments that I can recall was when an actress- I can't place her name at the moment -- she obviously wasn't as well known as she thought she was, but I digress. This lovely looking lady then went on to explain how her having had an abortion had afforded her the freedom that was was necessary for her to be able to pursue her "esteemed career," and as she held up her golden statue it occurred to me that it might as well have been an actual golden calf.

Indeed, a person could unironically say that child sacrifice is literally celebrated and is alive and well in Cali, and not in a Qanon pizza related conspiracy theory kind of way.

That said, I would never declare that California is the only place where evil exists, (though while watching some of the pablum that comes out of there one might reasonably surmise it could be the source of it on Earth) but it certainly does thrive there.

If you were to ask most of these "elites" if they thought there was a problem they would be so utterly lacking in self-awareness, apparently born without the ability to decipher their own hypocrisy on full display each and every time they go on a stage to collect an award for "best performance in a victimhood drama about a disabled LGBT non binary man-woman, forced by their oppressive religious parents to try and fail at doing something productive only to find others with a high intersectional score who accept them as they are while helping them sign up for their government welfare and obligatory psychiatrist who tells them they're "perfect" as they are, while prescribing them bags of psychotropic pills… because acceptance."




These special people haven't simply lost touch with common sense. There's an underlying arrogance toward regular American people to the point of despising them. How long until the regular American constituency chooses to vote with their dollars and call out the privileged class for what they are?

If an obvious gaggle of buffoons which basically calls anyone who disagrees with them... on anything, "literally Hitler", yet they keep cashing the checks, at what point do we learn our lesson and stop feeding the beast?

That responsibility is on us.

All of us.

After all, we're the ones who keep sending money to people who honestly hate us while they continue to take every opportunity to remind us of that fact, whenever they take to a stage.

Reality Check

There seems to be a five-year latency of the Cali to normal America agenda schedule, which means that all the craziness that they portray now: within five years becomes the standard talking points of most left-wing politicians across the entire body politic.

So just to clarify, whatever you're laughing about, and joking about right now that's coming out of California, within five years you will see implemented by the Democrat party. These aren't hard and fact numbers, these calculations might be a year or two off, but that seems to be the schedule that they've been abiding by for the last few political cycles.

There are a few anomalies that creep through occasionally, for example, the "Defund the Police" movement came out of nowhere and went back as quickly as it appeared to the "unspeakable realm of Voldemort." Why? Simple, as soon as the political class realized the damage it was doing to their party politically by going all in on Mayor of Crazytown.

Keep in mind that if they had not received this much deserved backlash, you can be sure all the police forces across the United States would now be disbanded and replaced by hordes of social workers with notebooks instead of policemen with guns who have the ability to serve their roles of serving and protecting.

In the end Hollywood has the memory span of a garden spider so you can be sure they'll never learn because they are incapable of seeing beyond their own noses. The sad truth is they'll never feel guilty about any of the maligning, name calling or disparaging comments since they'll just find something new to virtue signal about to start the cycle again.

To the talking heads it's ALWAYS better to double down than admit you're human.

That's all for now.

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