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To Vaccinate or Not Vaccinate?

That is the question or I should say that was the question on my latest Twitter poll.

Twitter poll results are in, and the majority are ...

I decided to do a little investigative reporting into whether or not people were keen on getting the vaccination that's been touted as 95% effective from Pfizer. I didn't have the word count to specify all of that in the Twitter poll but it wasn't going to be scientific anyway, so I thought I'd just throw out the question of

How many people will be vaccinating or not, and whether they would be doing so under duress.

The answers came back and it seems obvious that it is a resounding no. It's probably due, at least in part to the people who follow me on Twitter; they're generally hesitant to follow protocols that have been pushed by blue States & are liberty minded people -- ie. "American Patriots". Understanding this bias doesn't nullify the fact that of the people surveyed a substantial portion will NOT be vaccinating. At least one of 21 people will be vaccinating but they'll be doing it under duress.

I have my own idea of what duress would consist of, but I can't validate what this person who put that down on the poll answer, meant specifically. To my mind duress would be an employer forcing someone to take the vaccine or perhaps their job entails travel (airlines are sometimes mandating vaccines before you can travel).

There are some people who would suggest that refusing the vaccine is anti-science. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Essentially what you have when you have a vaccine is a weakened form of the disease, virus, or bacteria and you're injecting it directly into your body to produce the herd immunity effect artificially. You're taking in a poison that will be less damaging (hopefully) than the condition you're trying to prevent.

For a substantial sum of the population, the disease is far less damaging than the vaccine might be, I haven't seen all of the data yet, but for people with allergies apparently anaphylaxis can happen occasionally (as with other vaccines) not to mention a small percentage of people getting Bell's Palsy: a facial paralysis that, though temporary, can leave lasting facial damage. Not everyone fully recovers, and it can last months to years.

For anyone who's seen this I would seriously consider not taking vaccines, all the while not "denying science" or the denying the value of vaccines in general.

Personally I am not in a real danger from covid-19 statistically speaking so I choose not to be vaccinated. My wife and children are also at ages where we are not especially vulnerable to covid-19 and they will not be vaccinating either; not because we think it doesn't do anything but because we think the disease doesn't have much potential damage to people in our age range with zero co-morbidities to speak of. My kids especially, statistically speaking are in FAR more danger from the flu than from covid-19.

These are the facts to date, and that's the realm I'll work in. Thanks to you all for participating in the poll, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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