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Target's Modern Day Book Burning

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Welcome to the upside down. Today I found out Target,is basically forbidding anyone who might generally be concerned about the sterilization of children to even discuss it.

Yes you heard right.

But here we are in 2020 and that's exactly what's happening.

Target is banning the sale of the book "Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters" which simply raises the possibility that parents of children who want to transition to another sex might want to rethink that position. This is considered, in their minds, transphobic... Though any reasonable person can see it's just another method to shut down anyone saying something they don't want to hear.

The author, who is in no way against people who want to change gender,simply brings up the question of whether it's appropriate for children to be making this decision that will profoundly effect them throughout their lives. The fact is the "treatments" that they use to implement this change is definitively going to actually physically alter their ability to have children, or later in life if they want to have cosmetic surgery to "correct" for their physical misalignment to come in line with their new assigned gender they won't be able to; the material will not have developed enough to be able to surgically alter.

These are real parts of a problem if we can't even discuss it.

That's right the "party of science" strikes again, one thing I've noticed is that from a leftist perspective, science seems to only apply to things we like and if it doesn't fit into our ideology then it's ok to dismiss it out of hand, and proactively forbid it being spoken as if it was some kind of a Voldemort where simply mentioning an opposing viewpoint is considered irresponsible.

So the day has come that we can no longer make decisions regarding our children's best interests, because in today's environment, that's considered hateful.and simply voicing the opinion that maybe that child should not do something which may in fact be harmful is considered hate speech.

How far down this rabbit hole are we going to allow ourselves to be pulled without someone putting the brakes on?

we've already gone too far and you don't have to take my word for it... simply look at the Twitter accounts and blogs of kids today and just think what would have happened if that had been your Twitter or blog account when you were a child... I can tell you from personal experience my parents would have shut my blog down and probably sent me to therapy for the Twitter content that I see posted now.

One can only assume that parents simply don't care enough to be responsible adults for their children and just want to be their buddies -- which is exactly the wrong paradigm to apply in this situation, period. Parents are supposed to be the grown ups, caretakers and educators and they are failing miserably.

At this point in history parents are forbidden from even mentioning any kind of guidelines or objective truth in general without being ridiculed and attacked by CEOs of Target as being hateful. It's a pathetic way to virtue signal and it will have destructive consequences on who knows how many lives..The one thing that's fairly consistent in studies on "kids who are trans" is that they eventually transition back to their normal (biological) state, the numbers are high, somewhere in the realm of 80% and higher. But if you simply offer this accurate data, if you repeat this statistic, you're considered hateful by people who don't really care about you or your kids.

The world might seem upside down but I surely won't sit back and watch it without calling out what's happening.

You shouldn't either.

That's the only way to combat this. The truth always wins eventually, which is why places like Target need to shut speech down that they don't like.

I truly don't understand how they can think that this tiny smidgen of a fringe demographic is going to support them financially, other than the fact that they expect people who do think about these things to not speak up or say anything about them as they censor and essentially burn books that they're woke staff don't like to hear even exist. Wokeness is going to go away but only because there are people who stand up and say enough. That's all for now.


Because of all your efforts, Target has rescinded its ban. Which just goes to show that boycotts and utilizing your voice CAN in fact work. Never forget in the words of Andrew Breitbart: Go toward the fire.


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