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"Supreme" Court?

What is it good for? Absolutely nothing. Say it again.

Is getting "conservative" justices a benefit… at all?

Neil Gorsuch is nominated, and the Left freaks out (as expected), primarily because they felt their guy (Merrick Garland) didn't get a fair hearing when Obama nominated him to the Republican controlled Senate. Feelings aside, this is how it's worked historically so he gets in through an obviously partisan vote.

Mitch Mcconnell sets up the Democrats future argument by trying to be clever and stating that Garland being denied a hearing was because "the election being so close, we should leave it for the voters to decide." This would prove to be an extremely dumb move later on that would bite him in the.. well, use your imagination, we're going to keep this clean for the kiddies.

A nickels' worth of free advice to all our politicians:


Come with me in the way back machine to the Kavanaugh hearings, & the circus that began with alleged high school allegations of alleged shoving that couldn't be allegedly corroborated and quickly turn to gang rape, without any dates, times, places or physical evidence.

But in the end, it was all worth it though because "muh" conservative justice.

Ok, fine.

Next up Amy Coney Barret replacing Ruth Bader Ginsberg; Attacked for being Catholic and caricatured as ushering in some kind of "Handsmaid Tale" dystopia.

Lots of "requests" (read as "whining") from the left about respecting RBGs supposed dying wish, and the nomination goes through, barely, as a partisan vote prevails for the Republicans.

Yaassss! We got ANOTHER one in!

Fast forward back to the present:

  • The end result is NOT everything we could have hoped for.

The fact that we have a supposed 6-3 majority seems quite irrelevant in the face of all that has transpired since their respective appointments.

Let me preface this by saying the one thing which is an absolute necessity for any person in office, of any kind, either elected or appointed, is courage.

  • Courage is key.

Without that one component, everything else fails, and that's unfortunately where we have ended up.

No one could have faulted them for deciding on facts & the data regarding the 2020 election. Whether they ultimately gave the win or took it from President Trump. As disappointing as it might have been it would have been congruous with the law.

FUN FACT: No conservative wants a partisan Court.

That said, having to actually hear the cases that are put in front of them is literally what their job duties are.

They failed us all individually & the American system as a whole, when they allowed this kind of partisan hackery to take place. The integrity of the system is now questionable at best, especially the judiciary. Unfortunately we are at a standoff with our own government which always seems to find ways of ignoring responsibility for responsibilities that seem difficult.

These trying times, although tedious, should be the call to action for people within the realm of politics.

When they fail to hear a case of such magnitude based on procedure like laches or "standing" its essentially like a teacher giving a failing grade to a student by a single point, they know they could've found one, but they just didn't like them enough.

In other words, ANY judgment is better than a "technical difficulty," that is obviously used as a proxy to essentially kill a case. That is what has happened here.

Unfortunately for the SCOTUS itself, it might very well have been their own undoing because if Democrats have their way they will "pack the court."

For any MSM "Journalists" out there,

PACK THE COURT: To change the number of justices arbitrarily to facilitate partisan wins… for decades to come. It's NOT replacing judges who retire or pass away as vacancies arise.

The most telling part of all of this is that the two stronger senior conservatives gave a voice and opinion, but apparently the Trump appointees, you remember, the ones appointed who were supposed to be the voice of reason, and the voice for originalism and textualism, ended up being nothing more than establishment shills who sat on the sidelines watching this happen. Watching all the things that they could have had a positive impact on flounder and wither on the vine, because of a "keeping up appearances." Great show on the BBC, not great judicial review.

And we're stuck with them for decades.

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