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Rudy got the Rona

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Today is the 6th of December, and I just finished hanging the Christmas lights (NOT Holiday lights); most of them anyway... I still haven't put the Christmas tree up yet only because I haven't gone out and gotten it yet, that will probably be in the next couple days. I'm not in a major rush (like I say EVERY year), it's cold outside but still no snow in New York yet, I did hear that New Hampshire got about nine inches yesterday.

(Stick with me we're almost there)

So as I'm enjoying this Christmas season with my family hanging lights, I decided to take a break for a few minutes and come inside, and throw a pot of coffee on and much to my chagrin I find our President's defender and champion Rudy Giuliani has come down with the China virus. This is a plot straight out of a B level movie, the chips are down and now it's go time and the main player goes down only to have the 2nd tier guy who sucked throughout the season but always tried their best make the tie breaking basket in the final seconds of the game...

Perfect timing only in the year 2020.

Another fun fact that I discovered, I haven't fact checked this yet but it would appear that Mark Zuckerberg, the illustrious head of Facebook put about 300 million dollars into the election and its respective Dominion machines this year.

This is also due to his various "charity" involvement which also helped him "help the community" by not actually knowing who won the election and throwing as much chaos into the mix as to obfuscate anyone gettting to the bottom of anything before the certification of the state elections.

Another Fun Fact: The defense for the legal cases that have come up in the last month regarding the election have had a hundred million dollars in financing from none other than Mark Zuckerberg. It is amazing to me the influence of person who isn't elected can have politically, but big tech takes no prisoners. I guess all those years of atomic wedgies and being crammed into lockers in junior high leaves a person pretty cynical and jaded, enough so that they do this" financing" with impunity and no apparent check or balance. Par for the course the methodology applied in this last election was obviously subpar. Stay strong folks, stay positive and when in doubt keep in mind the bigger picture -- & now I'm off to finish my Christmas lights -- with or without some help with my buddy Jameson.

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