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Religion is "Taboo" on Twitter

One of the most profound aspects of human existence is the search for what it all means; why are we here?

Who put us here,?

What are we supposed to be doing?

And why?

These questions are of zero interest however to the folks at Twitter.

They have 13 entries for Anime and Manga alone, yet they didn't think to provide a Catholic subheading for Christianity… Oh wait, they didn't have a Christianity link under Religion….

What? …

Wrong again.

No Religion heading whatsoever.

This isn't accidental, & it's not an oversight. This is by design, now ask yourself why?

The same people who bring heretical shows about "Gay Jesus" and "Praise Satan" are the same people who are acting as the self appointed "gatekeepers" of information. These people see religion (and capitalism… and YOU) as the problem. Your beliefs are something to be ridiculed and socially engineered right out of the overton window.

O·ver·ton win·dow


the spectrum of ideas on public policy and social issues considered acceptable by the general public at a given time.

I have been a user of Twitter for years now, both pre and post "shadow ban," which limits who can see my posts & which posts I can see, and I can say with authority that of the 11,000 friends I've gotten to know on the platform, a sizable chunk are followers of a system of theology of one kind or another.

So why no Religion topic?

The Left has always hated the idea of God, and they need to break people of their faith in objective truth & replace it with the "will of the people" to effect the mob rule and centrally planned "utopia" they wax poetic about while indulging themselves in their own meaningless virtue signalling & prideful arrogance.

So now you know.

That's it.

Don't let them win. Keep the faith.

God Bless.

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