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Post Pop Vote Election Maga Rally

The date is November 15th 2020, and we're just coming off the heels of an extremely large MAGA rally this weekend, where all the people who came out in support of Donald Trump showed up and peacefully protested against the alleged winner Joe Biden.

It would seem there's a bit of a standoff in the tallies and legal proceedings that probably will end up at the Supreme Court before December. Things don't look as good as they could for our current president and one can only hope that he will pull a rabbit out of a hat and find some way to squeeze himself through with a legal win. I'm not exactly sure how feasible that is at this point, but I'm not ready to discount the possibility of a last-minute upset, too many people did that in 2016 and they ended up being "surprised," as evidenced by all the screaming tantrums that are still available on YouTube to this day.

(Check them out if you haven't already, great stuff there.)

The funny thing is that since everyone was expecting Trump supporters to be the ones rioting when they turned up and peacefully assembled with numbers in the 100s of thousands. It was only until they were dispersing at the end of the event that Antifa and black lives matter protesters/rioters had to make their obligatory appearance to wreak havoc upon the elderly, women, and even children as is their typical methodology of intimidation and attack.

Let me be clear that these thugs have no courage; constantly sucker punching everyone and anyone who appears vulnerable, then attacking like jackals once they're down. This tactic continues until people who are actually able to fight back, see what's going on, unfortunately there were a few incidents of significant bodily harm with at least a couple people ending up face down on the pavement.

it shouldn't need to be said that there's absolutely no honor in what they do. It's obvious to anyone with eyes that it's weak and pathetic, and the most surprising aspect through it all is that people thought that this would be a distant memory with a Biden win.

That idea is a bad joke.

You can see in videos exactly how bad things have gotten where women with strollers are being berated and attacked, men as old as say 60 and 70 are being clocked in the back of the head, knocked down and blood pouring out of their noses. If there's any justice in this world I would like to see all those people prosecuted then sent to jail for maximum sentences, though the reality is that they won't even get probation. I'm not faulting the police whatsoever, but District attorneys who don't prosecute seem to be the flavor of the day in a culture that enables this behavior without any repercussions.

On a lighter note: It was nice to see the unity of the Trump supporters and the message that they were sending out which was nothing but positive. I wish I could have been there physically and not only in spirit but overall I'd say it was as much a win as we could have right now. Hopefully we can see more of this type of demonstration, and if Biden is actually President after the dust clears you can be sure that Donald Trump gave us the blue print and lit the fire for at least 70 million who will not simply sit and wait around for the phone to ring.

Stay tuned for more, I'm sure we're going to be seeing lots more where that rally came from throughout the month to come.

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