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Hordes of Unruly Trump Supporters?

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Sorry moron media. You're officially idiots.

For months, I’ve been told that Trump wouldn’t accept the results of the US election. This has been the talking point of choice by all the verified news sources, and while they continue to parrot this narrative -- the actual election, contrary to popular belief, hasn’t happened yet.

So much for the general public knowledge of civics in 2020.

As I write this, we are exactly one month from the date when the votes from the citizens should be fully certified and the electoral college will hopefully be just about to cast the ACTUAL votes that matter to determine who will be the President of the United States for the next 4 years. There are at least 4 states in contention with paper thin margins seemingly leaning toward a Joe Biden presidency…

But surprise, surprise.

This isn’t what the media is reporting.

They’ve officially declared Biden the winner, and Biden has accepted that mantle unhesitatingly, going so far as manufacturing a new “office of President Elect” out of whole cloth, he must have already placed the order at office max in his cart and kept his finger on the buy now button leading up to that moment.

Biden campaigned as a “candidate of unity” for a lot of his voters. To bring the people of this country together, one would think waiting for the results to be counted, certified and electoral college votes made might be a good idea in a country that seems to think “unifying” is worth doing.

Let’s be real, Biden holds “unity” in exactly as high in esteem, as a prostitute values her chastity.

He is the guy who brought the term getting Borked into the political lexicon and continued down that road memorably with the stalwart of brutal truth Clarence Thomas.

Biden also said to an audience of Black voters that “They (Republicans) want to put you all back in chains.”

These instances have fallen out of circulation by media, replaced with a slurred never ending sound byte of “I’ll be president of the whole country, not just the red states or blue states.” While generally ripping on the performance of the Red states compared to Blue states, which goes unnoticed by commentators.

Because, unity.

Trump’s base has been out of the spotlight for almost the entirety of this election cycle except with a wagging finger of derision at the lack of masks at the MAGA rallies, never mind the crowds of 50k+ people who are daring to support their candidate, the masks are the thing… unless you are celebrating Bidens’ potential victory then just go for it. Then you’re congratulated as “doing your part to keep our Democracy.”


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