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Well Advent is here. All Catholics know that this is the build up for one of the highest holy days of the Christian calendar which is of course Christmas, or Christ's Mass, though you wouldn't necessarily know that by looking in stores and in catalogs which seem to have overtaken the holiday unfortunately. But the real bones of the holiday was the birth of Jesus Christ and it remains so for lots of Catholics and Christians around the world. One aspect of celebration for Advent is Eucharistic adoration, this is, the actual presence of Jesus with us in the Church. It's a time to reflect on God's presence and I highly recommend it. It's surprising how an hour can fly by when you're not being completely distracted by nonsense at work or the hustle and bustle of a normal day and you just have you your mind and time spent with Jesus. How could that be a bad thing? So what I'm going to do on the site and on the podcast is the theme for Wednesdays from here on until Christmas at least is I'm going to post something either that I've researched on religion or it will have a definite religious overtone to it simply because I only have so many hours in the day and Wednesdays I've committed to an hour of active prayer in our church. I'm sure that sharing any of these thoughts might be mutually beneficial for both you and I and if you have any thoughts about that just let me know in the comments below. All the best to you and yours and God bless you.

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