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On the 2020 election

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

The truth is apparent to anyone with eyes: The emperor has no clothes.

Not all the numbers have been tallied yet we still have about a month before we actually get to the electoral college part of the process but it seems that most outlets have called the election in favor of Joe Biden. The numbers of some of the state's tallies are still not complete or are waiting to be verified, yet the media has gone all in for the candidate that they would like to see win. While this might happen it's not a guarantee at this point. One of the great problems is the misleading method of distribution of information especially to low information voters who simply don't understand the process.

Journalists who are supposed to be information bearers simply don't want to educate or to shine light on the process instead they just want it over so that their candidate is the winner, this is no surprise to anyone who has lived through the last four years of the Trump presidency.those years were filled with nothing but innuendo and false information designed to create doubt and foam meant unrest and essentially to nullify a sitting president if not to actually remove him from office in a silent coup attempt.While it is likely apparently that Joe Biden will win this election the amount of fraud both intentional and accidental inaccuracies that abound like I've never seen in any of the elections in my life old do one thing.

They create doubt.

The reason our system in America has worked for over 250 years is because even though our candidate might lose time to time or they might win either way there was always a basic understanding and a trust in the system that it was applied fairly and evenly with some level of transparency and accountability. It looks like those days are over. We areover we are now being asked to unify behind a candidate who has jumped into the foray with a new title that he has designed for himself as the office of the president-elect.

Why would he do such a thing? Why wouldn't he wait for the end of the process? Why would he accept a victory under such shadowy circumstances without full exploration of all allegations so that he can take the mantle cleanly if it is in fact his to ultimately take.

The truth is apparent to anyone with eyes: The emperor has no clothes.

In my opinion this was the plan from the outset, & everyone knew it. Unfortunately Donald Trump should have taken more precautions to help avoid this situation whether it was naivete or just hubris he allowed this situation to occur on his watch. Definitely not something I had hoped for and not something I would have planned for either to be fair. The level that the left goes to to remove any kind of democratic process with transparency if it actually endangers their mission which must be pushed through at all costs.

If Joe Biden does win, the greatest cost will have been the loss of trust in a once rock solid foundational institution of our country. This doesn't mean that we should just roll over and give up on it ( which I for one will never do,) but it does mean that for every polling place that hid what it was doing behind closed windows, or fences, blocked people who rightly had access to be able to verify counts, a price needs to be paid whether that's a nullification of votes in the electoral college or some other measure, I don't know. Not being a lawyer makes it difficult for me to assess exactly what can happen here; the political nature of the Supreme Court is another aspect of this that will eventually play itself out in strange and unpredictable ways... Even with a 6-3 "conservative" majority it seems that people who don't like our president (including justices) seem to inevitably judge against him, even the supposedly unbiased ones.

What I can tell you is this: there are 71 million people who feel disenfranchised, lied to, abused, and are now being ordered to support a candidate who has in the past told them "they wanted to put black people in chains." He's also called them misogynist, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, and every other name that is designed under the sun to disparage, ridicule, and dehumanize his opponents.

At least half the country agreed with his assessment and this is the real problem and this predates Trump, Joe Biden, and goes back decades… probably into the sixties and seventies of the last century.

Hope still remains, but either way this debacle ends, our great nation has been tarnished by this election for years to come, both within its own borders and abroad. If we can't correct this…

May God have mercy on us all.

All for now.

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